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Renovating your home’s heating system

If you’re looking to upgrade your existing electric heating system, a heat pump can be more efficient than a traditional electric furnace or baseboard heaters. Unlike other heating and cooling systems, which convert fuel or electricity directly into heat, a heat pump moves heat from one place to another, in the same way as an air conditioner.

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Renovating a water heater

Time to upgrade your water heater? Upgrade to an electric heat pump water heater. These water heaters heat the water by capturing warmth from your home’s ambient air. An ENERGY STAR© certified heat pump water heater uses an average of 50% less energy than a standard electrical water heater. Saving energy saves money and reduces your carbon footprint.

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Air Quality Rebate Program

The Air Quality Rebate (AQR) Program was established to improve air quality in Golden. The purpose of this program is to encourage the removal of existing non-certified wood-burning appliances, which generate high levels of pollution. In order to qualify for the Air Quality Rebate Program, a new certified appliance must be purchased at a business operating with a valid business license issued by the Town of Golden and the wood burning, propane or electric appliance must be installed in a house located in the Golden Rural Area.

Check List

  • Contact a local WETT certified technician to determine your eligibility for the Air Quality Rebate (AQR) Program.  The WETT technician will meet you on site to inspect and make a record of your existing appliance that is to be replaced or removed.
  • When purchasing a new EPA certified wood-burning appliance, i.e. wood or pellet stove, fireplace and insert) make sure the unit conforms to CAN/CSA-B415.1 Standard Performance Testing of Solid Fuel-Burning Stoves, Inserts, and Low-Burn-Rate Factory-Built Fireplaces in accordance to the Environmental Management Act.  These appliances must also conform to CAN/CSA-B365-M Standard Installation Code for Solid-Fuel Burning Appliances and Equipment in accordance  with the BC Building Code.  You must ensure that your installer is trained and certified in compliance with the Wood Energy Technical Training (WETT) program.  Upon completion, your installer is required to provide a copy of their WETT Certificate and a letter (see also Application for AQR Program) confirming that your new EPA certified appliance has been installed and meets all standards (see above) and the BC Building Code requirements.
  • If you are replacing your existing appliance with a propane or electric appliance, you are required to ensure your installer is trained and certified by the Province of British Columbia in compliance with the Gas or Electrical Safety Act. Upon completion, your installer is required to provide a copy of their Trade Certificate and a letter  confirming that your new appliance has been installed and meets the Gas or Electrical Safety Act and the BC Building Code requirements.
  • The old non-certified wood-burning appliance must be decommissioned and properly disposed of by an authorized contractor (Contractor is required to fill out section on the Application for AQR Program)
  • Upon completion, make arrangements with the WETT technician for a final inspection, so he can inspect and record information regarding your new appliance.
  • Submit the Air Quality Rebate Program application and supporting information to Numbers and Letters so your rebate can be processed.

Download the Air Quality Rebate Application Form (PDF)

$750 Woodstove Exchange Rebate


Government Grants and Rebates frequently change, so please make sure to talk to our qualified tradesmen for the latest information and to get advice on your particular case!


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