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Endeavor Stove

Best-Selling Wood Stove Since 1984

The Endeavor™ is Lopi’s #1 selling wood stove because it combines form and function with an unbeatable heat transfer system. This stove is ideal for heating medium to large sized homes. It features one of the cleanest-burning fireboxes of any mid-size stove at 1.9 grams per hour. Its firebox is also deeper than most and can accommodate logs lengthwise, up to 18” for longer burn times. The Endeavor™ also offers the closest clearance of any wood stove in the industry – as close as 4 ¼” to a rear combustible surface. In addition, a bypass damper makes startups easy and prevents smoke-backs during reloading (see page 14). Alcove and Mobile Home approved.


  • Choice of Legs or Pedestal
  • Convection Fan
  • Outside Air Kit
  • Etched Elk Glass
  • Fire Screen
  • GREEN START Igniter

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