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Opel 3

Available in Canada, the Opel 3 is part of our non-catalytic line of fireplaces. Refer to the Opel 3C for areas where EPA certification is required (e.g. USA).

The Opel is our most popular fireplace. Behind the elegantly shaped single door of the Opel 3 burns a fire that reflects the traditions of our ancestors. Yet this is no ordinary fire.

This fire yields low emissions, overnight burns, and efficiency on par with most basement furnaces.

The patented technologies used in the Opel 3 gives you the peace of mind that your fireplace burns a renewable energy source in a beautiful and environmentally responsible way.

This fireplace is certified for use with 7″ ICC Model EXCEL chimney only.

  • Available in Canada only
  • Large 3.6 cubic feet firebox allowing overnight burns
  • Capable of heating up to 3,000 square feet
  • Takes 18” firewood
  • Beautifully sculptured, handmade firebrick lining

The RSF Comfort Advantage

Comfort is our specialty. We customize heat distribution from a wood fireplace throughout the home, including the basement. When the household temperature is tailored for a family at minimal cost and maximum efficiency, we call that the RSF Comfort Advantage.

Note: the central heating option is not available for the Pearl, the Focus 250 or Focus ST.

Available Options

  • Opel 3 decorative Trim
  • Louvers for the Opel
  • Opel Louver Trim
  • Gravity Vent Kit
  • Gravity Vent Damper
  • Gravity Vent Kit – Rectangular
  • Inline Fan
  • Internal Blower
  • Central Heat Blower Kit
  • Central Heating Tee
  • Heat Dump
  • Rock Retainer Kit (Opel)
  • Masonry Chimney Adapter

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