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SEF Electric Furnace

An excellent quality-price ratio

Stelpro has designed an electric furnace that meets all your expectations. the furnace is the only one on the market that comes equipped with a built-in temperature sensor, making installation much easier. You can say goodbye to undesirable variances in temperature thanks to its state-of-the-art electronic controls! This one of a kind furnace has everything going for it: easy installation and incomparable ease of use, a compact size along with many other outstanding features. You will see for yourself, THE FURNACE from °STELPRO has no equal!


powdercoated (light charcoal)


  • robust galvanized steel cabinet
  • adjustable dampers (better control over static pressure, airflow, and noise)
  • compartmentalized door providing easy access to all components
  • disposable 20 x 20 in. air filter (included)
  • 1 type of relay for all functions


  • modulating elements for increased comfort
  • elements separately framed allowing for quick and easy replacement


totally enclosed, permanently lubricated motor


  • easy-to-use modes
  • continuous ventilation button (low or high speed)
  • Continuous heating button (min or max)
  • simplified connection system
  • mechanical relays allowing for easy and low-cost maintenance


  • three possible installation positions: upflow, downflow or horizontal
  • installation directly against a wall (“zero inch” clearance)
  • possible installation with 3 conductors


5 years


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