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SFECM Electric Furnace

°Stelpro introduces a new standard in the electric furnace arena – the furnace. Equipped with an ECM motor, THE FURNACE guarantees greater efficiency and constant air flow. On top of greater savings due to the use of the continuous ventilation mode, this motor makes the most of the humidifier and filtration systems. With the furnace, you have access to top of the line controls for greater temperature management and a much simpler air flow adjustment. There you have it – the all-inclusive package: a quiet motor, compact size, built-in temperature sensor, easy installation and unparalleled ease of use. An electric furnace? You’ve never seen anything like THE FURNACE!


powdercoated (light charcoal)


  • robust galvanized steel cabinet
  • compartmentalized door providing easy access to all components
  • disposable 20 x 20 in. air filter (included)
  • compatibility mechanism for an auxiliary unit (included)
  • 1 type of relay for all functions


  • modulating elements for increased comfort
  • elements separately framed allowing for quick and easy replacement


ECM (electronically commutated motor)


  • easy-to-use modes
  • continuous ventilation button (low or high speed)
  • Continuous heating button (min or max)
  • simplified connection system
  • mechanical relays allowing for easy and low-cost maintenance


  • three possible installation positions: upflow, downflow or horizontal
  • installation directly against a wall (“zero inch” clearance)
  • possible installation with 3 conductors


5 years


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