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GO With the Largest Portable Ceramic Grill Available

Add the Primo GO, and the Oval JR 200 grill surpasses all other portable ceramic grills with 210 square inches of cooking area. Add the Optional Rack System and the cooking area soars to 360 square inches. That’s more than twice the cooking area of the second largest portable ceramic grill. Grill, bake, roast or smoke for 10 or more people wherever you want to go.

Primo GO Versus the Competition

Grill Model Cooking Area
  • Primo Oval JR 200 with GO

* Up to 360 sq in with Optional Rack System

210 sq. in.
  • KamadoJoe JR
149 sq. in.
  • Big Green Egg Small
133 sq. in.
  • Big Green Egg MiniMaxEGG™
133 sq. in.
  • Grill Dome with Kamagater
123 sq. in.
  • Louisiana Grills K13
95 sq. in.
  • Vision P Series
87 sq. in.
  • Big Green Egg Mini
79 sq. in.

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